Alex Dunn - About Me
Hi, my name is Alex and welcome to my game programming portfolio. I have been employed as a programmer in the games industry since 2011 and am a successful graduate of Dundee's Abertay University. I'm currently employed by NVIDIA, as a dev tech engineer.

I am an original thinker who loves to tinker and experiment in all things technological, and being a natural problem solver, I thrive on the numerous challenges that game development brings. The example projects/demos found on this site were all created by me in my spare time for a bit of fun. I am fluent in a number of programming languages (have a look at the list opposite) but I particularly excel in C++ and C# and shader programming using either, GLSL or HLSL.

My spare time these days seems to be spent more and more on personal projects, and freelance work, but when I do I have time to relax my other passion is playing guitar, although regrettably I no longer have time to be part of a band.

I am always looking for a fresh challenge and if you have one, please feel free to contact me!


  • C,
  • C++,
  • C#,
  • CSS,
  • DirectX,
  • GLSL,
  • GNM,
  • HLSL,
  • Java,
  • Javascript,
  • OpenGL,
  • PHP,
  • PSSL,
  • XNA.