Alex Dunn - Runtime Dynamic Fracture

I present my tool for computing runtime destruction, 'Fracture'. The tool is built for the Unity3D game engine and is currently being sold as a tool on the Unity Asset Store (see links at bottom).

The main feature of the tool is the runtime dynamic fracturing of convex meshes. It can divide convex meshes around an impact point using a 3D voronoi algorithm. The fragments produced as a result of this process, closely resemble broken rubble, or shattered glass. Since only convex objects may be fractured, the fragments produced will be strictly convex, and are in perfect form for mesh based physics collisions.

Other tools that are part of the program include a structural integrity simulation, the bulk of this calculation is precalculated using a node connectivity graph (See screenshot 1), then at runtime, forces are checked, and fragments are updated accordingly. Another notable feature is sticky zones, which are volumes that become associated with a destructable actor. They are used to hold broken fragments in place once the object has been destroyed. A common use for this is shattering a pane of glass in a window frame. Some of the glass might stay in the window frame.

Asset store link :
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